There is no free will, no awareness and no pre meditated values and beliefs in the brain, and yet the brain is so adjustable, absorbing and effective in establishing our mind and enabling our lives as humans.

Our senses provide us with huge amount of data to process at each and every given moment. The idea of the brains'' capacity, to process its entire surrounding''s constant and massive data stream, into a coherent decision-making, is no less than mind-boggling. Since the mid 20th century, concepts of entropy reduction and theory of information were established by scientists, psychologists and philosophers as the basis for brain operation studies. Those concepts are necessary in order to understand how mathematics can manifest a computation mechanism capable of cognitive-like behavior. 

In the last 10 years and stemming from our empiric experience in the discipline of Micro processors (Embedded programming), we have studied and explored the brain. Our basic assumption was that the brain is a huge processor, an organic CPU, rather than a computer.

Assuming that there is no one or nothing that writes the embedded codes, it is only logical to assume that the brain creates itself, in what we call the "Micro Evolution". And here is the breakthrough, the brain is build and automatically operated by the sensors, rather than the common belief that the brain uses the sensors. Our mind is a set of organ micro processor''s OPCODE that are embedded in our physical brain. OPCODE is the set of commands that are stored in micro processors and are executed always at the same way. In the human body environment, these commands are basically Reflexes. this also makes the brain a "Central Reflexes Unit" - CRU

This acquired knowledge, that we possess, enables us to define, develop the bleuprint that will make it possible to build a brain environment which resembles the human brain.

This site was conceived for us to share our informal, not tested Ideas regarding the way the human brain functions. As such, we would like to ignite the interest of Academic institutes and brain experts and to invite them to examine our thoughts and ideas. We believe that you may find some innovative ideas for the "what and How" as well as for the Possible implementations in fields like Non human intelligence, Mental therapy, education, etc.

A development of such a human like, brain mechanism , provides abilities to influence and change human behavior, in a way that will be a breakthrough in areas like teaching methods, acquiring of knowledge and ways of action, education, treatment of learning disabilities, etc.
 We know that professionals and scholars in this most complex area have gained great understanding and progress. However we think that we might have seen something new and it is our vast experience and knowledge in the embedded world that formed our concepts and theory.
We understand that some of our suggestions have already been suggested before, and yet, we believe that we have a comprehensive architecture in hand which stems from a field that is less investigated. This architecture actually combines new and known ideas into one holistic and explainable structure, which we believe that we know how to define the architecture that will make it work. Here is the exact place where we are asking for the academic experts to help us to make it happen.
We invite you to browse through the site and if any idea or notion is of interest to you, please send us your comments. If further cooperation will evolve than we shall be most happy and thankful.
In order to understand the whole suggested architecture it is advised to read through all sections in this site. More data will be added in the near future.

GOD or Nature?
If the answer is god and by "God" I mean any premeditated action then this site is of no relevance. If nature - a random operating entity, then there must be a mathematical logic and order behind all this.
If God is omitted out of the equation, then there is nothing intelligent, self aware or premeditated in our being. All we are and the process that has brought us here, is nothing but a set of mathematical rules that made it all happened.

This site is about the human brain. The Brain is so complicated and yet so predictable, chaotic and in the same time engineered. The brain is, Mathematically speaking, a Fractal.

To give you a hanch of what else is new and exciting in this site, here are some of the Paradigm shifts it presents.

Evolution. We as humans are a combination of the Macro evolution and the Micro evolution.
Macro evolution is the process which has formed each and every organic entity. Macro evolution is purely the fingerprints of the DNA.
Micro evolution is the process in which, the sensors are building the brain by using the DNA as a blueprint and yet using random experiences to shape and mold it.

The sensors create the brain rather than the common belief that the brain simply use the sensors.
The brain is a derivative of DNA and not its fingerprint. Is the human brain different from other living creatures? The immediate reply would be "of course, we humans have conscious, awareness, free will, cognition etc, so the brain cannot be the same. TOTEMind presents a totally different view. All brains are basically the same; it is the size of the brain that matters. We claim that the brain is an autonomic, not aware and self sustained compound that feels and react through totally automated rigid processes that are not under our control. This mechanism is defined by us as Brainware (BW).

The brain is not a computer and does not function like one. The brain is an Embedded BrainWare, CPU like mechanism. The embedded BrainWare is capable of self design itself by unaware and random processes.
"Non human intelligent brain" cannot be produced, It can only be grown in an enabling environment. One of our main understanding is that intelligence, human or artificial, cannot be created. We can only create the space and environment in which it can evolve. This paradigm shift is based on the deep understanding that intelligence can only be generated through micro-evolution and, micro-evolution can only happen in a space that allows mistakes. So we are not looking for a system that will be always correct. On the contrary, we look for mistakes that will distinguish the weak solution and then eliminate it. The remaining (survived) possibilities will become valid roots in the "organic hardware" which we denote as Brainware (BW).
Intuition Is the unique virtue of the human mind to loop back recursively from consciousness back to consciousness. Intuition is triggered by the dissonance to strengthen a non satisfactory RGB. This is the way that Cognition works. The more frequent Intuition processes occur, the higher the intelligence and expertise will be.  

Consciousness is our reality and everything that we already know. It is comprised of all our Reflexive Brain Patterns and provides an already proven way of performances, so it is crucial to our survival.
Cognition is not an ability of the mind; it is an outcome of Gap, dissonance and Intuition..
Nostalgia is the re-experiencing of the experiences that were deepest burned in our Reflexive Brain Patterns.
The brain is a slow mechanism with a very short reaction time. There is no processing in the brain. Every stimulation is answered automatically with an automated and unaware process RBP.

TOTEMind aims to provide answers to questions like:
  • Is the human brain really different from the brain of animals? In what aspects?
  • Is it some kind of a computer? If so where is the resemblance?
  • Can we create an artificial intelligence and if so, will it have feelings too?
  • Do we sleep because our body needs rest or is it the prerogative of the brain itself?
  • Why are we dreaming?
  • What is awareness? What… why…..  so many questions.
We are happy to present TOTEMind – Theory OThe Embedded Mind, an informal theory, which provides a consistent, end - to - end explanation to these question and many more that are asked, regarding this exciting area of human brain. Moreover, TOTEMind provides the knowledge of how to build an artificial brain that will imitate the human brain, and will be much more effective and will have the ability to develop itself.
TOTEMind suggests that all living creatures have the same mechanism as brain and that the brain is nothing more than an unaware processor, CPU like organ that produces and initiates automatic actions.

We shall show that unaware processes produce random Reflexive Brain Patterns RBP  (fixed routes) in the brain and that each RBP envelopes the overall experience as well as the pre defined and unchangeable action to be performed. These RBPs are the source of each and every move we do.
TOTEMind Mission - Cultivating artificial intelligence, out of understanding the Human brain
What is possible in our life  when TOTEMind becomes applicable www.EDUScience.co.il
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