Artificial Intelligence

The word "Artificial" in TOTEMind environment, means that it is not human and not that it had been created.

A "Non human intelligent brain" cannot be produced, It can only be grown and cultivated in an enabling environment. 
One of our main understanding is that intelligence, human or artificial, cannot be created. We can only create the space and environment in which it can evolve. This paradigm shift is based on the deep understanding that intelligence, Human or artificual can only be generated through  micro-evolution and, micro-evolution can only happen in a space that allows mistakes and provide feedbacks.

This environment grows whenever there is an "Enabler Gap" EG between what appears to us and our Consciousness. the EG triggers a dissonance. The Dissonance triggers the Intuition and a new layer is added to the existing RBP. That’s how we become intelligent. Intelligence is a growing organ.

This means that we are not looking for a system that will  always be correct. On the contrary, we look for mistakes that will distinguish the weak solution and then eliminate it. The remaining (survived) possibilities will become valid roots in the "organic hardware" which we denote as Brainware (BW).
If we wish to create a non human intelligence, we have to follow TOTEMind rules. This requires a self programmable Brainware that will randomly create RBPs. Today such hardware exists in the form of FPGA (field-programmable gate array). The main disadvantage of current existing hardware is the small number of I/O. it can be only up to few hundreds. This Disadvantage currently blocks us from enabling the pixel matrix from sensors to be connected as TOTEMind suggests. This problem does not exist in hardware because every thread in every nerve, acts as I/O. Possible solution in hardware would be to connect multiple FPGAs together.

Other possibility is to simulate each neuron with a small CPLD (which is less complex than FPGA). Although TOTEMind is pure hardware dependent, there is a possibility of writing "hardware" in software. A software like this will have no application. It will enable an object to simulate a single neuron. a very big matrix of such objects will provide the BrainWare infrastructure. every signal from attached sensors will create a sporadic neurons programming until objects interconnections will be formed (linked-list like). each linked list will simulate a RBP. from this point on, we have an infrastructure for TOTEMind rules. Of course, in addition to that, we will have to create a monitor process that will simulate the primitive brain's capacities as required by TOTEMind.

TOTEMind Mission - Cultivating artificial intelligence, out of understanding the Human brain
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