Sleep – the facilitator

Sleep, unlike the common belief, is not aimed for the recreation of the muscles. This can be achieved by an appropriate rest. Sleep is the operational space & time, where the brain builds itself as a consequence of all the experiences that were recorded in the BW, since the last sleep. Let's begin to dive into this concept.

The brain of the infant does not exist. There are no tracks in it, so there is no point of reference for the infant. We say that the infant, in his first days does not see. Wrong, his eyes are relaying data to the brain, but the data meets no match, so there is no functional reaction. The infant lays all day, doing nothing but experiencing. Yet he falls asleep every hour or two. We conclude that what made him tired was the amount of new data that he was experiencing.
Let's carry it on. The infant was tired because his brain has grasped a given amount of data. What happened during the sleeping period, which allowed him to wake up, ready to grasp and accumulate more data? Something has happened that drained the container in which he has stored the previous data. This event had to be executed during sleeping time; otherwise it would have been a perpetual ongoing task. Moreover Researches has found that during sleeping time, The brain is actually not responsive, unless awakened.

We believe that through wake time the brain functions in two parallel routes
  • The nerve system works as the receptors of the environment and switches the junctions in the MOCPU.
  • The accumulator which functions as a Temporary container and has a limited capacity, records everything that happens. This recording is done as a light burn or RAM like organ
When the Accumulator becomes full, it signals it as being tired. When the infant or actually everyone of us goes to sleep, the MOCPU is being disconnected from the receptors and gets reconnected to the Accumulator. Then all the recorded data is streamed to the MOCPU. So it experiences all the events of the awake hours again as if this data is streaming from the receptors. When this process occurs, the data is being burned as new tracks  in the Neurons or strengthen the already existing ones. This procedure is mandatory. It is impossible to change or add tracks when the system is operative, because it may harm the integrity of the system. We are sometimes aware of the process when we are awakened by our dreams. Those dreams are the encapsulation of the data stream.
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