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TOTEMind main claim is that each individual is a unique outcome of two evolutions:



Information evolution is the way that the brain, actually build itself by itself without any awareness or consciousness. The triggers for this phenomenon are ongoing events, which force the brain to cope with and randomly build real time solutions for each and every one of them.
This is what we believe to be a new understanding and the major paradigm shift.
Primary evolution is the evolution that uses mutations that change DNA and thus the way mankind can survive. by screaning the "non fittest". Its effects are set in DNA changes and apply to all successors.
Evolution is considered as the ""survival of the fittest", based on random events that cause permanent changes in the DNA. It may seem as if this process of DNA changes may diverge and a totally new "thing" would appear. It is true to some extent. New species are evolved, however they still obey the same biological rules, which, to owr opinion, proves that evolution obeys mathematical rules. The mathematical discipline that allows such a chaotic but consistent process is Fractal.
The unique virtue of Fractal is the phenomenon that as one enlarges the picture, new structure are revealed and each and everyone is an exact copy of the bigger picture.
This is true also for the physical primary DNA evolution as much as it is for the secondary evolution that forms the brain

The way the secondary evolution operates is by coping with stimuli.
When a stimulus is captured by the focus, it "presents" itself to all the RBPs that form consciousness. The most adequate RBP, is activated and all its content – the stored experience, the precise action to be taken and the transformation factor, become present to the person.
If the stimulus fails to meet an adequate RBP, then a gap is detected. The gap enables and activates the dissonance. The dissonance is an inherited tool that manifests the existence of the gap. When a dissonance is activated, a random process of creating new synapses is initiated, until response is achieved.
At that point, the synapses that "responded" to the stimulus are enveloped as a brain pattern RBP. The RBP is "the memory of its own creation" and assures that at the next time the same stimulus appears, the same feeling as well as a simultaneously same action will be performed.
Because of the randomness of the stimuli as well as the content of the RBP, there can hardly be two persons, even twins, that will share the same RBPs.

TOTEMind Mission - Cultivating artificial intelligence, out of understanding the Human brain
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